Friday, October 1, 2010

Red Eye -- Round Two

Greetings, salutations, and multiple apologies, Red Eye Report fans! After months of unfulfilled promises and false starts, I'm ready to get back into gear by kicking off the second year of my October Horrorthon! Once again, I'll be watching and reviewing a horror flick I'll be seeing for the first time every single day throughout October. But this year, I'm adding a little twist to the movie madness -- for the first 27 days, I'll be taking them on in alphabetical order. That's right, from 7 Mummies to (hopefully) Zombi 2, expect a new horror review of every letter, with a special Asian horror week for letters I through O. The four after that will be a random mix of whatever I can get my hands on, save for the 31st, on which I'll review a genre classic I have actually yet to see (and I'm embarrassed I haven't).

Swing by later today for a write-up on the first Horrorthon selection, 7 Mummies. Until then, stay scared! Red Eye rules!


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